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Service Department at Ford Fairfield

Ford Service & Parts Department in Fairfield, CA

Here at Ford Fairfield, we don't just sell cars, we also help keep them ready for the road. We know that car maintenance is vital for driver safety and comfort, so our team is dedicated to helping you understand what service your car may need and providing those services in a comprehensive and stress-free process. Call our service and parts department today at (707) 421-3300.


Here at your Ford dealership in Fairfield, we are delighted to offer all the key services you may need to keep your vehicle in good shape. We staff our service department with professionals of the highest caliber who have the technical training to answer all your maintenance and repair questions. Our mechanics are standing by to help you diagnose and service your vehicle's needs.


From routine maintenance checks to obscure service-related questions, we're sure we can help you out. Check out some of the top services that we offer at our dealership:

• Oil Change

It's a good idea to change the oil in your car engine approximately every 5,000 to 7,000 miles, or twice a year. Oil can break down over time, which may corrode the engine. Changing it is a great way to ensure that your engine can continue to operate smoothly. If you notice your engine making unusual noises, a burning smell inside the car, or that the check engine light is illuminated on your dashboard, check your oil. If the oil level is low, or if the color or consistency has changed, bring in your car for an oil change.

• Engine Repair

The engine is one of the most important elements of your vehicle. It gives you the ability to move from place to place, so keeping up with engine maintenance and repairs can help extend the life of your vehicle. In addition to oil changes, we at Ford Fairfield offer engine coolant checks and help you diagnose your engine troubles. We also repair and replace gaskets, valves, seals, cylinder heads, timing belts, and other engine parts.

• Brake Repair

Brakes help drivers stop their vehicles effectively, so working brakes are vital to driver safety. Our knowledgeable mechanics can assess your brakes and diagnose any problems, including malfunctioning brake pads, hoses, or rotors. We can also check and replace brake fluid and brake calipers. It's a good idea to check your brakes every 10,000 miles or every six months. You may bring them in to be checked earlier if you notice squealing brake sounds, visible brake pad wear, or that the brake light on your dashboard is illuminated.

• Transmission Repair

A broken transmission leaves your car unable to switch between gears and might leave you stranded on the side of the road. If you notice any shaking or unusual sounds when you shift gears, or if you notice a transmission fluid leak, you might want to bring your car into our Fairfield dealership for transmission maintenance. Our staff can help you figure out what may be wrong and how to fix the problem. You can also benefit from bringing your car in for regular transmission services. This is a great way to catch any future issues before they develop.

• Tire Services

Tires may wear down faster than other car elements because of their constant traction with the road, particularly if you regularly drive in adverse conditions or on roads that are not smooth. At Ford Fairfield, we've got you covered with a wide variety of tire services, including tire rotations, tire alignment, and tire replacement. We can assess and service tires and models of all types and make expert suggestions about your tire maintenance options.

• Fuel Systems

You can bring in your Ford for a full fuel-cleaning service. This process involves cleaning the system of any contaminants it may have picked up, including in the combustion chamber, filter, fuel tank, and fuel pump. You should bring your Ford in for a regular fuel system service every 30,000 miles to avoid more costly long-term repairs. The fuel injector and fuel pump may also require replacement after about 50,000 to 150,000 miles, depending on the model.


Knowing when to bring your car in for maintenance and which components you should check is vital for any car owner. Bringing your car in regularly can help increase your vehicle's longevity and reliability. The specific timeframes that you should use to schedule your service visits may depend on your Ford model. Luckily, you can use the Ford Maintenance Schedule support page to find the best maintenance schedule for your vehicle.

Here are some specific guidelines for routine service visits. Every six months, it's a good idea to rotate your tires, inspect the brakes, and check the windshield wiper blades. After 12 months, consider replacing the engine oil, the oil filter, and the cabin air filter. After 18 months, inspect the vehicle suspension, steering wheel function, and brake lines. When you reach the 36-month mark, consider checking the brake rotors, brake fluid, transmission, and cooler hoses. After 72 months, consider replacing your drive belt and spark plugs.


If you're ready to replace parts of your car, we can help you find just what you're looking for at the best possible price. You can browse our online shop to find the part you need, then order it and pick it up in Fairfield. If you're unsure what part you are looking for, our friendly and knowledgeable staff are happy to help.

If you're ready to bring your car in for maintenance, you can schedule a visit with our service team online. Alternatively, schedule your service visit by phone. Just give us a call at (707) 421-3300. Our service department is open from 7 a.m. to 6 p.m. Monday through Friday, and 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. on Saturday. If you have any questions, you can always contact us online or stop by for a visit at 3050 Auto Mall Ct.

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