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Whether you need to get your brakes checked, your tires changed, or need a new part, Ford Fairfield can help. Tires play a huge role in many of the major functions of your vehicle, and proper tire care is a crucial part of being a car owner.

Making sure your vehicle's tires are checked on a regular basis can help you breathe easier by knowing that your tires will last a long time. The right tires can make a tremendous difference in your driving experience and level of comfort. If you need new tires, require a tire rotation, or need a realignment, we've got you covered. Give us a call at (707) 716-2144.

Ford Fairfield Fairfield CA
Ford Fairfield Fairfield CA


At Ford Fairfield, we recognize the importance of providing great quality and service. Making sure you have strong tires is important on many levels, and we've made it one of our top priorities. As the amount of time spent on the road and the total number of vehicles continues to increase, basic tire maintenance is more important than ever.

Poor or uneven tread wear, improper tire inflation, misaligned wheels, cracking tires, and tire feathering are just a few of the problems car owners might face in dealing with their tires. To help keep you safer on the road, we offer standard tire services, including tire rotations, alignment, and replacement.


Rotating your car's tires is a great way to ensure the tread wears evenly, which is vital for balanced handling. If you have a vehicle with four-wheel drive, making sure you get your tires rotated is important when it comes to controlling your car in wet or slick conditions. Your tire manufacturer may also require you to get your tires rotated in order to keep its warranty in place.

Your tires may wear differently, depending on the type of vehicle you have, which makes it all the more important to regularly get your tires serviced at a dealership. On four-wheel-drive vehicles, you may notice that your front tires wear more quickly. With rear-wheel-drive vehicles, the wear is often more balanced, but the front and rear tires still often wear in different places, making tire rotations important. With all-wheel-drive vehicles, it's especially important to keep even treadwear because the differences in the depth of tread can impact the drivetrain.

Uneven wear on your tires, vehicle vibration, and a loss of air pressure in your tires means it's time to take your vehicle in for a tire rotation. If you notice your car's tires squealing or squeaking when you brake hard, it may also be a sign you need another tire rotation.

If you're looking to get your tires rotated, our experts will help to ensure your tires live a long life and you enjoy a smoother ride by thoroughly inspecting your tires for wear and tear and rotating them for optimal performance. We recommend rotating your tires between 5,000 and 7,000 miles. If you're taking your car in to get an oil change, consider a rotation as well.


Proper alignment is critical for ensuring that your tires stay in good condition and that your vehicle drives straight. Misaligned wheels can cause undue damage to tires and lead the steering wheel to be off-center, making driving more difficult. If you notice your car's tires rapidly wearing, your car pulling too hard in one direction, or a crooked steering wheel, take it into Ford Fairfield and we'll get you aligned and squared away in no time.

During your alignment service, we'll check your wheel camber, caster, and toe and adjust your vehicle's steering and suspension system. The camber represents the inward and outward tilt of the tire, while the caster represents the alignment on a vehicle that's done on the front wheels of a vehicle. The toe is the extent to which your car's tires turn inward or outward from a bird's-eye view.

As you're getting your car aligned, we can also double-check your car's tire pressure, rear steering, and overall condition. It's recommended that you align your wheels every 5,000 miles, or every two to three months. Depending on your vehicle and how often you drive it, you may end up needing one more often.


As your tires age, they may start to get worn down and eventually require replacement. Typically, tires need to be replaced every six to 10 years. If you notice that your car shakes, vibrates frequently, or that one of your tires loses air quicker than the others, it may be time to get a new tire. If you notice any issue with your tires, it's important to take your vehicle in to get checked out by one of our professionals. We'll check your tires for tread wear and their overall condition and make a recommendation.

While shopping for the right tires can be tricky, at Ford Fairfield, we have tires for all makes, models, and trims to suit all your needs. All of our OEM tires are of the highest quality and sold at an affordable price. We'll replace all four of your tires at the schedule that works best for you so you can continue to drive without any worries. If you're unsure about the size that best fits your specific vehicle, our trained experts can help you find the right tires in no time.

Ensuring your tires are well-maintained by visiting a dealership is your best bet if you want to avoid tire trouble and ensure your vehicle is taken care of. So whether you need a tire replacement, an alignment, or a tire rotation, at Ford Fairfield, we're here for you. If you have any questions or concerns regarding our tire services or other services we have to offer, you can give us a call at (707) 716-2144. We'll get back to you as soon as possible.

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